Corporate Chair Massage in Austin

Are you working to improve the overall mental and physical health of your office? Trying to increase productivity and creativity? Or searching for a unique, healthy way to appreciate employees as an alternative to donuts? With our corporate chair massage treatments package at Oak Haven Austin, you can give your employees an on-site Austin massage therapy and the relaxation and stress-relief that comes with it while giving your competitors massage envy.

Oak Haven Austin can make our licensed professional Austin massage salon therapists available to your office or business for one or more hours. We’ll bring a portable massage heights chair to your workplace, offering rejuvenating, stress-relieving massage treatments to your employees. Chair massage therapy is excellent for employee appreciation, a client thank you, or rewards.

Benefits of Chair Massage and Advanced Massage Therapy

Chair massage therapy has been used in corporate settings for more than two decades, improving the health and happiness of your employees. While some consider workplace massages therapies a luxury for employees, corporate chair massages can actually benefit your business and office morale as well.

First and foremost, corporate massage benefits decrease anxiety, reduce fatigue and helps prevent stress-related or work-related injuries, like back problems or joint pain. Sitting in a chair all day is one of the leading causes of back pain, headaches, fatigue and other health problems, which can lead to missed days or poor productivity. Chair massages can release muscle tension and benefits your employees’ by improving blood pressure, reducing stress, contributing to fewer illnesses, cut down sick days and improving the overall physical health of your employees.

Utilizing the seated massage technique can also increase alertness and productivity with greater energy and boost creativity in your workplace. When people feel better, they tend to work better. Chair massages work to reduce tension, lower stress, provide relaxation and rejuvenate the mind and body. That can in turn contribute to a happier, more productive, more creative workplace.

Providing advanced massage therapy to your employees, along with other positive workplace practices, can help your company recruit and retain employees by increasing job satisfaction. The positive health effects of regular chair massages can be a major draw for employees who are trying to stay healthy and combat stress.

With Oak Haven Austin, you also don’t have to worry about interrupting the flow of the workday. Our mobile massage spa will come in and set everything up, allowing your employees to take a break from work solely for the massage events. Employees remain fully clothed for chair massages.

Pricing for Chair Massages

Corporate chair massage packages at Oak Haven Austin's massages spas includes full service from our licensed professional massage spa therapists, including our transportation to your office or workplace and equipment set-up on site. Our fully licensed, trained and insured onsite massage therapists will provide chair massages for your employees for one or more hours, with rates as follows:

$79.00 per hour (three hour minimum)

If you would like to share the gift of relaxation and stress-relief at your office with massage day spas, fill out the form below or call our Oak Haven Austin massage today at (512) 610-5300 to book one of our massage programs or wellness programs with our therapists.

Price Includes:


1. Transportation to your office or workplace
2. All equipment set up on site
3. Fully licensed, trained and insured therapists

Chair Massage is Excellent For:


1. Employee Appreciation
2. Client Thank You
4. Rewards

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